the luxe team

What is the luxe team?
The luxe team is tryin' to live as luxe as we can on what we have. Everyone is entitled to live a rich life, no matter what their income is. So, we're here to share with you how we are doing it and how you can to. The recession hit us all hard and we're here to push back to prove that our buying power means something. Your money is hard earned and you deserve value. We'll post deals we find, deals we're given, reviews that we do, giveaways to help support you in livin' luxe, money saving tips, coupons, you name it!

Who makes up the luxe team?
We are...
Dog Owners
Single Folks
Metro Men
Working Parents
Business Owners
...a well rounded bunch

Wow, you guys have a lot going on in that team!
That's why we will be able to give you real-life advice and reviews. There is a team member to meet any pre-requisite and expertise!

How can we reach you?
By email!

I have a product, service, or shop that I'd like you to review. How do we contact you?
By email, please. That's why we're here. We're every man and woman and will give you an honest review.

Do you host giveaways? May we give you items to give away?
Yes and yes. Please contact us via email for more information.

Why would the luxe team be a great choice for expanding our branding and reaching a larger audience?
Individually we have large databases of contacts, blog and site followers, Facebook friends (and page likes), and Twitter followers. Combined? Even a wider audience to reach! We're very social folks who have a lot of friends too and word of mouth spreads faster than wildfire!